L 58W/76 T8 230V G13 NATURA

L 58W/76 T8 230V G13 NATURA

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L 58W/76 T8 230V G13 NATURA  

Electrical data  
Nominal wattage 58.00 W
Rated lamp efficacy (HF data 25 °C) Under clarification by authority and standardization body
Rated wattage 58.00 W
Energy consumption 69 kWh/1000h
Photometrical data  
Luminous flux at 25 °C 2850 lm
Light color 76
Light color as per EN 12464-1 NATURA
Color coordinates chromaticity diagram 0.379/0.314
Dimensions & weight  
Tube diameter 26 mm
Length 1500.0 mm
Length with base excl. base pins/connection 1500.00 mm
Diameter 26.0 mm
Colors & materials  
Lamp mercury content 3.0 mg
Service life 18000 h
Lifespan 20000 h
Rated lamp life time 20000 h
Nominal lamp life time 20000 h
Additional product data  
Base (standard designation) G13
Appropriate disposal acc. to WEEE Yes

Product benefits

  • Specially tailored spectral distribution
  • Food looks fresh and appetizing without unduly “beautifying” it

Areas of application

  • Bakeries, meat processors, butchers
  • Shops
  • Supermarkets and department stores
  • Especially suitable for the food sector (DIN 10504)

Product features

  • Average lifetime: 20,000 h with preheat ECG

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