SIG 1820 UE CL20/20W 12V BA20D

SIG 1820 UE CL20/20W 12V BA20D

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SIG 1820

SIG 1820 UE CL20/20W 12V Soclu BA20d 

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Technical data
Electrical data
Test voltage 12 V
Nominal wattage 20/20 W
Nominal voltage 12 V
Light technical data
Nominal luminous flux 350 lm
Dimensions & weight
Diameter 36.0 mm
Overall length 67.0 mm
Light center length (LCL) 29.6 mm 
Nominal lamp life time 600 h 
Additional product data
Base (standard designation) BA20d

Product benefits

  • Second filament takes over when the main filament fails
  • Various wattages matched to specific needs of the relevant optical systems

Areas of application

  • Railway traffic signalling systems

Product features

  • Dual-coil lamps for higher operation safety of the signalling system

Safety advice
Use only in equipment/luminaires that are specially designed for the purpose.
Protect the lamps against moisture during operation and installation.



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