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The Show Batten 100 is a LED moving bar designed for stage lighting professionals. Ten high-power Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs are housed inside a 100 cm long (39”) cylindrical aluminium bar. Each parameter of each LED may be controlled individually: color, 8 bit dimmer and 24 Hz strobe.

The Show Batten lens is fitted with a wide electronic linear zoom. The “Show Batten AS” version has a special ovalizer filter instead of the standard lens, which increases the projection angle on a single axis.

This is particularly suitable for wall washing. The zoom is very fast: 0.3 s from min. to max.

The colors are generated through R, G, B and W channels, and may also be chosen from a wide palette consisting of over sixty macros. The color temperature can be linearly adjusted from 2500 K to 8000 K thanks to control through a dedicated CTO channel. The Show Batten has a 240° tilt and can rotate very smoothly and very fast (240° in as little as 0.2 s). It is compact, rugged and lightweight: only 9 kg (19.8 lbs). Several bars may be arranged in a line or a matrix, with a constant fixed distance between the LEDs. An internal Ethernet switch for IN/OUT daisy-chain connection makes it easy to connect the bars up for pixel control in a matrix arrangement.


  • Light source: 10 X 15W Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs
  • Distance between LEDs: 100 mm (4”)
  • “STANDARD” VERSION: - Optical unit with motorized zoom: minimum 10° x 23°, maximum 43° x 48° (at 50%); minimum 23° x 35°, maximum 66° x 76° (at 10%); - High brightness: 3340 lumens
  • “AS” VERSION: - Asymmetrical optical unit with special motorized zoom for illuminating backdrops: minimum 8° x 25°, maximum 9° x 45° (at 50%); minimum 18° x 37°, maximum 21° x 74° (at 10%); - High brightness: 5210 lumens
  • Independent RGBW color control for each individual LED
  • Effects: dimmer (8 bit), 20 Hz strobe, color macros and effect macros
  • High speed motorized tilt: 240°
  • Art-Net / RDM
  • Internal Ethernet switch for IN/OUT daisy-chain connection to make it easy to connect bars up for pixel control in a matrix arrangement
  • The length and width of the bar allow it to be assembled in horizontal and vertical matrices with a fixed distance between LEDs (100mm/4”)
  • Sockets within the dimensions of the bar to prevent accidental contact with adjacent trusses or bars in matrix arrangements


C71085 (Show-Batten 100)

C71086 (Show-Batten 100 AS)

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