Clay Paky Golden Scan 4 HMI 1200W

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Golden Scan 4 Golden Scan 4 is the latest member of the legendary Clay Paky Golden Scan family. It is an effective bright motorized fixture...
Conform to the European Community DirectivesThe fitting mounts a high-pressure lamp that needs an external igniterIt is permissible to mount the fitting on normally flammable surfacesClass 1 appliance according to standard EN 60598-1 The fitting is protected against penetration by solid bodies of over 12mm (0.47”) in diameter, but not against dripping water, rain, splashes or jets of waterMaximum ambient temperatureMinimum distance of illuminated objects Maximum temperature that can be reached on the external surface of the fitting, in a thermally steady state

Golden Scan 4 is the latest member of the legendary Clay Paky Golden Scan family. It is an effective bright motorized fixture with a powerful 1200 W lamp and excellent effects as standard. It provides great reliability, a perfectly clear beam, great simplicity of use and matchless mirror speed at a competitive price.

  • 1200 W discharge lamp
  • Standard lens: 1:2.5/ 250 mm (11°). Optional wide-angle lens: 1:1.6/ 160 mm
  • Graphic system: 4 fixed gobos + 4 rotating gobos + 1 fixed prism
  • Colour wheel with 7 colours + white
  • 2 colour temperature correction filters
  • Fixed frost filter
  • Iris on a dedicated channel
  • Pan and tilt resolution may be set to 8 or 16 bits
  • 4 side handles for transportation



230 V 50 Hz
240 V 50 Hz;
208 V 60 Hz;
200 V 50 Hz;
200 V 60 Hz


Version without PFC (standard):  3,000 VA at 230V 50 Hz

Version with PFC: 1,500VA at 230V 50 Hz (rephasage 140µF only on request).


1200W discharge lamp:
- Type: HMI 1200W/GS
- Cap: SFc 15,5-6
- Color Temperature: 6.000 K
- Luminous Flux: 110.000 lm
- Average Life 750 h
- Hot Restrike


Elliptic reflector with high luminous efficiency

Standard Lens: 1:2.5/ 250 mm (11°)
Optional Lens: 1:3.3/300 mm (9°)
Wide-angle Optional lens: 1:1.6/ 160 mm (to be inserted inside the projector)


A wheel with 7 color filters (Ø 47mm) + open
2 color temperature correction filters


Wheel with 4 rotating gobos (Ø 66mm), at variable speed , indexable on 540°
Wheel with 4 fixed gobos (Ø 66mm)
Fixed prism (4 facet)
0-100% Dimmer
Stop-strobe (1-7 flash / sec)
Fixed frost


10 or 12 DMX 512 control channels 
DMX signal connection: 5 pole XLR input and output


In die-cast and extruded aluminium
Epoxy powder painting
Four side handles for transportation


Head rotable through 360° on projection housing
Anchorage for safety wire
Mirror of ultra-high luminous efficiency
- PAN = 150°
- TILT = 110° 
Max Speed:
- PAN = 0.4 sec. (150°)
- TILT = 0.3 sec. (110°) 
- PAN = ±0.3°
- PAN FINE = ±0.0011°
- TILT = ±0.2°
- TILT FINE = ±0.0007°


Steel bracket with expody powder painting
Six installation positions, 25mm (1") apart.
Bracket adjustable through 100°, with graduated scale to assist positioning
Anchorage for safety wire


Automatic break in power in case of overheating
Automatic disconnection of the power supply at the opening of the re-lamping cover

Forced ventilation with axial fans


Functions in any position.


In conformity with the European Directives:

• 2006/95/EC - Safety of electrical equipment supplied at low voltage (LVD)

• 2004/108/EC - Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

• 2011/65/EU - Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)


37 Kg
3,1 Kg (mirror adapter)

Golden Scan 4

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