64619 90W 14,5V GX5,3 EPX

64619 90W 14,5V GX5,3 EPX


81.84 Lei

(TVA Inclus)
in stoc

64619 90W 14,5V GX5,3 EPX   

Electrical data

Nominal wattage 90.00 W
Nominal voltage 14.5 V

Photometrical data

Nominal luminous flux 43 lm

Light technical data

Focal length 155.0 mm

Dimensions & weight

Diameter 51.0 mm
Length 45.0 mm


Lifespan 500 h

Additional product data

Coating Dichroic
Base (standard designation) GX5.3


Product features 

  • Xenon instead of krypton as the filler gas (XENOPHOT HLX versions)
  • Luminous flux up to 10 % higher with same power consumption (XENOPHOT HLX versions)

References / Links
For further technical information please refer to the following OSRAM brochure:
“Technology and applications, Low-voltage tungsten-halogen lamps”
“Halogen lamps, low and medium voltage for entertainment, technical and medical applications” cross reference list