QT-FIT 5/8 2X54-58/220-240

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QT-FIT 5/8 2X54-58/220-240 


Electrical data  
Input voltage AC 198…264 V
Nominal voltage 220…240 V
Mains frequency 50…60 Hz
Input voltage DC 185…264 V 
Operating frequency 40…50 kHz
Max. no. of ECGs on circuit breaker 10 A 8  
Max. no. of ECGs on circuit breaker 16 A 13  
Inrush current 53 A
Light technical data  
Starting time 2.0 s
Dimensions & weight  
Length 280.0 mm
Width 30.0 mm
Height 21.0 mm
Mounting hole spacing, length 270.0 mm
Product weight 183.00 g
Cable cross-section, output side 0.5…1.5 mm² 
Cable cross-section, input side 0.5…1.5 mm² 
Ambient temperature range -15…+50 °C
ECG lifetime 50000 h
ECG lifetime 100000 h 

 Product benefit

  • Long lamp life
  • No adverse effect from frequent on/off switching
  • Automatic restart after lamp replacement
  • Perfect lamp start for applications with motion sensors
  • VDE/VDE EMC certified system
  • Very high energy efficiency due to cut-off technology

Areas of application

  • Open-plan offices, corridors and storage rooms
  • Public buildings
  • Strip lighting
  • Suitable for emergency lighting (DC operation)
  • Suitable for luminaires of protection class I
  • Modernization of existing systems

Product features

  • Supply voltage: 220…240 V
  • Line voltage: 198…264 V
  • Line frequency: 50…60 Hz
  • Lamp start with optimum filament preheating

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