MSD 200W GY9,5 6700K

MSD  200W GY9,5  6700K

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MSD 200
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MSD 200W GY9,5  6700K

General Information  
Cap-Base  GY9.5 [ GY9.5]
Operating Position  UNIVERSAL [ Any or Universal (U)]
Main Application  Studio/Disco
Life To 50% Failures (Nom) 3000 h
Light Technical  
Color Code  670 (2)
Luminous Flux (Min)  11500 lm
Luminous Flux (Nom) 13500 lm
Chromaticity Coordinate X (Nom) 312
Chromaticity Coordinate Y (Nom) 311
Correlated Color Temperature (Nom) 6700 K
Luminous Efficacy (rated) (Nom) 67 lm/W
Color Rendering Index (Nom) 70
Operating and Electrical  
Power (Rated) (Nom) 200 W
Lamp Current (Nom)  3.4 A
Ignition Supply Voltage (Min) 207 V
Controls and Dimming  
Dimmable  No
Mechanical and Housing  
Cap-Base Information  -
Luminaire Design Requirements  
Bulb Temperature (Max) 500 °C
Pinch Temperature (Max) 350 °C

These single ended, compact lamps enable optimal light collection and accurate beam control, while they also provide true daylight color temperatures – all to create great stage brightness and vivid entertainment.

And since they offer long lifetime usage they help minimize the cost of ownership via fewer lamp replacements and fewer maintenance man hour costs.

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