L BLUE UVA 15W/78 T8 G13

L BLUE UVA 15W/78 T8 G13

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L BL UVA 15W/78 T8
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L BLUE UVA 15W/78 T8 G13

 Electrical data  
Nominal voltage 55 V
Construction voltage 230.00 V
Lamp current 0.33 A
Nominal wattage 15.00 W
Photometrical data  
Radiated power 315…400 nm (UVA) 4.0 W
Dimensions & weight  
Diameter 26.0 mm
Length 438.0 mm
Additional product data  
Base (standard designation) G13


Areas of application 

  • Polymerization of blue-sensitive plastics, adhesives, paints and dyes (BLUE)
  • Curing plastics (BLUE UVA)
  • Sealing surfaces in dentistry (BLUE UVA)
  • Cosmetic finger nail treatments (BLUE UVA)
  • Insect traps (BLUE UVA)
  • Exposure during printed circuit board manufacturing (BLUE UVA)
  • Terrariums (BLUE UVA)
  • Scientific investigations (BLUE UVA)
  • Verification of banknotes and credit cards (using a black glass filter) (BLUE UVA)

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