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321.82 Lei (TVA inclus)
003 Lavender Tint Rola:  7,62m x 1,22m      Cool Studio Wash. Touch of color when white light is not desirable....
321.82 Lei (TVA inclus)
E-Colour #007: Pale Yellow ; R007; LEE FILTERS
0.00 Lei
008 Dark Salmon                   Rola:  7,62m x 1,22m  sau  Sheet:...
29.32 Lei (TVA inclus)
008 Dark Salmon Coala: 0,50m x 1,22m       
321.82 Lei (TVA inclus)
009 Pale Amber Gold          Rola:  7,62m x 1,22m  sau  Sheet: 0,60m x 1,22m   Warm amber...
29.32 Lei (TVA inclus)
009 Pale Amber Gold Coala:  0,50m x 1,22m     
321.82 Lei (TVA inclus)
004 Medium Bastard Amber Rola:  7,62m x 1,22m     Brand: Chris James Source A Source D65 Color: 004 Medium Bastard...
319.00 Lei (TVA inclus)

Rose Pink Strong pink wash, good for cycloramas. High-quality lighting filters in a vast range of colours that are accurately consistent from batch to batch, long-lasting and dependable. Every filter is checked against a scientifically generated set of parameters.

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