068 Sky Blue - 0,55m x 1,22m

068 Sky Blue - 0,55m x 1,22m

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068 Sky Blue - 0,55m x 1,22m

With Chris James color effects filters it is possible to embody the most unreal and fantastic ideas of operators and director! Imitation of light from a fire or a candle, a night light or office lamp, sunrise or sunset, cold moonlight and more.

This Sky Blue filter is used to create nightsky, also it is cyclorama colour.

It is advisable to use this filter for conversion or correction colors of scenery or costumes in the frame. And also for creation truly lyrical or dramatic moment in the frame.

Chris James Filters are manufactured using a special formula, implemented at the molecular level, which makes them durable and safe, even at usage with powerful heat-generating equipment.

The use of high-quality color pigments does not admit so rapid parching, like in similar products of other