Luxibel XFL-300TW

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The XFL-300TW is a state-of-the-art, high CRI floodlight that combines robust functionality with sleek design. Certified with an IP66 rating, it is exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding various outdoor conditions, making it an ideal choice for a multitude of settings.

This versatile floodlight features four preset color temperatures, allowing users to select the perfect hue for their specific needs. Whether it's lighting up an exhibition, a festival ground, a venue, or architectural elements, the XFL-300TW offers unparalleled performance.

Designed with convenience in mind, it features a streamlined design that not only facilitates easy transportation but also ensures straightforward installation. This aspect makes it a practical and efficient solution for both temporary and permanent installations.

One of the XFL-300TW's most significant advantages is its ability to serve as a brighter, more modern and energy efficient alternative to the traditional HQI 400 type floodlight. It stands out with its immediate reach to full brightness, eliminating the wait time often associated with conventional lighting solutions.

In summary, the XFL-300TW is not just a lighting fixture; it's a versatile tool that caters to the diverse and demanding requirements of exhibitions, festivals, venue lighting, and architectural illumination. Its combination of high-CRI light output, durability, ease of use, and quick illumination makes it an invaluable asset in any lighting professional's arsenal.



Dimensions (WxHxD) 497 x 416 x 63 mm | 19.6 x 16.4 x 2.5 in
Packaging dimensions (WxHxD) 540 x 420 x 115 cm | 21.3 x 16.5 x 4.5 in
Nett weight 7.8 kg | 17.01 lbs
Gross weight 8.2 kg | 18.07 lbs
4 pcs packaging gross weight 29.9 kg | 65.9 lbs

Mounting options

Hanging Dedicated hanging bracket with M12 mounting holes
Standing N/A
2nd suspension / safety wire 1x sleeve in bracket of the unit to pass carabiner


Lamp type LED Flood light
Beam angle 50°
Colors 2.800K-6.000K
Refresh rate Flicker free
CRI 95 Ra


Control on/off by power
Tilt movement One hand tilt locking
4 preprogrammed buttons 2.800K / 3.600K / 4.800K / 6.000K - when plugged out it remembers the last taken button


Fixture rated power 300W
LED engine 220 x 2W TW LED
Input power AC 100 - 240V ~ 50/60 Hz - Auto switching power supply
In/Link 2m cab
Power factor 0.98


Cooling Conventional - no fans
IP Rating IP66


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