208 Full CT Orange+.6ND - 7,62m x 1,22m

208 Full CT Orange+.6ND -  7,62m x 1,22m

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208 Full CT Orange+.6ND - 7,62m x 1,22m

 208 – this one refers to the group of conversion filters, application of which modifies the color temperature in accordance with the operator’s requirements.

Chris James сonversion filters perfectly cope with the main task – radically transform the type of lighting, for example, should be used with the halogen light for providing the daylight, or vice versa.

The color temperature decrease depends on the initial temperature of the source – when it is higher, the shift in color temperature is greater.

It refers to the CTO Series filters (Color Temperature Orange), which help to decrease the color temperature of the light produced by the fixture. It absorbs short-wave radiation.

This kind of filters fulfills a full correction of color temperature and reduces light 2 stop.

It used in shooting inside or outside as well as in the circumstances of limited light park when it is necessary to bring the light from the fixtures to a single color temperature.

Also conversion filters are often used for creative purposes, for local illumination of the object by fixtures with different color temperature.